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Jaana Kelley, (she/her) Associate Executive Director for Community Service


Robbie Matthews, (she/her) SSS Program Director

In October 2021, we welcomed a new Director, Robbie Matthews to the Shelter. Ms. Matthews started at Sixth Street Shelter in 2014 as the office administrator before becoming the caseworker at the Turner Street Apartments transitional housing program. She also served as the director of Community Action’s Work Ready program before leaving to pursue a Master’s in Art Therapy at Cedar Crest College (she will complete her degree in May 2022). Ms. Matthews oversees the daily operation of the Shelter and the provision of casework services to Shelter residents and is responsible for program development and financial management. We are excited to have her as part of the team!

Julie Huber, (she/her) Development Officer             

In October 2021, we welcomed a new Development Officer, Julie Huber.  Julie has been volunteering with the Sixth Street Shelter for close to 10 years in different capacities.  Her nonprofit experience brings many gifts to the organization and we are excited to have her!  Julie is a family-centered nonprofit professional that encourages collaboration and partnerships within the community for the benefit of the community.   


Yaseleen Rivera, (she/her) Administrative Assistant     

Yaseleen joined Sixth Street Shelter in October 2021.  She was born and raised right here in the Lehigh Valley.  She contributes her upbringing in the area to empathize with anyone.  As a single mother, she has faced many challenges and overcame them, and continues to do so.  ‘My personal journey is the reason I believe in the CALV mission to serve our community and fight for the greater good.”  


Lizette Soto, (she/her) Counseling and Intake Specialist   

In October 2021 Lizette joined the Sixth Street Shelter as the Counseling and Intake Specialist.  She started as a receptionist for CACLV in 1999 after graduating from the Sixth Street Shetler.  After 6 years Lizette to an OnTrack Customer Representative and in 2018 she became the director for the OnTrack program.  In 2021 Lizette became the Office Administrator for Second Harvest Foodbank and has been employed by CALV for 22 years, and counting.  Lizette is a previous resident of Sixth Street Shelter, and her success story has been featured in many publications across the Lehigh Valley.  Her education and background give her a unique perspective and enable her to work closely with the residents of SSS.         

Lorena Cabansag, (she/her) Case Manager

In December of 2021, Lorena joined the Sixth Street Shelter team.  Lorena was working for FedEx since 2018 but lost her job during the start of the pandemic. “When I could return to work, I wanted a directional change, I wanted to be authentic and looked for a role that involved being active in the community.  I wanted my ideals and goals to become action. That is why I applied to the SNAP Outreach Coordinator position at SHFB. It was amazing to work with the SHFB team.”  Lorena’s experience working with different programs gives her the insight to help residents navigate the systems to be successful. 

Elizabeth Reyes, (she/her) Case Manager, Ferry Street Apartments




Deisy Rivera, (she/her) Case Manager

Maritza Elmi, (she/her) Caretaker

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